Computational Intelligence, SS08
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  • Make sure that you have read the section about grading and the policies and guidelines.
  • If you have any questions regarding a particular assignment please contact the corresponding tutor first!
  • Here you can see the current scores
  • We also maintain an archive of previous assignments.
  • There will be office hours of the tutor where the students can ask questions regarding the homework assignments (Infohour) and discuss the corrected solutions (Einsichtnahme). The particular dates, times, and the room are given at the assignment.

Homework for this semester

Nmr   Title Assignment Deadline Points Tutor Additional Solution
1 ! Linear Regression and Gradient descent pdf, ps.gz 05.05 12.5 Sabine Sternig    
2 ! Neural Networks pdf, ps.gz 16.05 12.5 Robert Peharz    
3 ! Neural Networks and Regularization pdf, ps.gz 16.05 12.5 Roland Unterberger    
4 ! Decision Trees and Support Vector Machines pdf, ps.gz 26.05 12.5 Martin Stadler    
5 ! VC-Dimension and Proofs pdf, ps.gz 30.05 12.5 Gerhard Neumann    
6 ! Gaussian Statistics and Unsupervised Learning pdf, ps.gz 06.06 12.5 Michael Wiesenegger  
7 ! Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Independent Component Analysis (ICA) pdf, ps.gz 13.06 12.5 Johannes Schweighofer  
8 ! Hidden Markov Models pdf, ps.gz 13.06 12.5 Susanne Rexeis  
9 ! Mixtures of Gaussians and HMMs pdf, ps.gz 20.06 12.5 Susanne Rexeis  
10 ! Adaptive Filters pdf, ps.gz 30.06 12.5 Paul Meissner  


Policies and guidelines

  • Since SS08 you are NOT allowed to build teams any more. Please solve the homework individually.
  • The solutions have to be handed in as hard copy. Sometime you will be asked to hand in short Matlab programs. In this case you have to provide a printout of the program and send the code via email to the address given in the assignment.
  • There are 10 assignments, each of them with 12.5 points. To reach the maximum number of points is 100, thus you are only required to hand in 8 assignments to achieve the maximum number of points.
  • The practical course is divided into 2 parts, the IGI part (first 5 assignments) and the SPSC part. You are required to reach at least 25 points (= 50 %) for each part in order to get a positive grade.
  • Copying solutions: If you hand in a solution which is obviously a copy of a solution of some other student of the course (i.g. appearance of long identical strings) the following applies:
    1. zero score for this homework for each involved student (it does not matter whose solution is the copy or the original).
    2. If this occurs repeatedly you will get a negative score (the maximum score for the homework in question).
  • Please write down your solutions in a clean, structured and readable way!
    • Unreadable and unintelligible/unclear solutions yield zero score.
    • Do not use any red color!
  • Staple the solutions for each assigned problem separately!
  • The title page of each solution handed in has to contain a header of the following form: HW_cover.pdf
    Name First Name MatrikelNmr