Computational Intelligence, SS08
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Introduction to Matlab
Neural Network Toolbox
OCR with ANNs
Adaptive Filters
VC dimension
Gaussian Statistics
PCA, ICA, Blind Source Separation
Hidden Markov Models
Mixtures of Gaussians
Automatic Speech Recognition
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Animated Algorithms
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What are the tutorials good for?

The tutorials listed in the menue to the left will be discussed during the tutorial lectures. The teaching assistants will discuss the most important aspects of it.

However, it is expected that after the tutorial lecture you download the corresponding tutorial and work it through by your own to get a better understading of the major issues.

Copyright Issues

In each of the tutorials it it cleary stated what is the main source/reference. Credits go to the authors of the main source/reference.

If we do not have the explicit permission to redistribute the contents of a tutorial the printable versions of it as well as the corresponding software can only be accessed via password authentification. Students will get the password during the tutorial classes.