Computational Intelligence, SS08
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Introduction to Matlab
Neural Network Toolbox
OCR with ANNs
Adaptive Filters
VC dimension
Gaussian Statistics
PCA, ICA, Blind Source Separation
Hidden Markov Models
Mixtures of Gaussians
Automatic Speech Recognition
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Animated Algorithms
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On-line Help

The command help, by itself, lists all primary help topics. Each primary topic corresponds to a directory name on the Matlab path.
>> help topic
gives help on the specified topic. The topic can be a command name, a directory name, or a Matlab path relative partial pathname. If it is a command name, help displays information on that command. If it is a directory name, help displays the Table-Of-Contents for the specified directory.
>> helpwin topic
does the same as help but displays the help text for the specified topic inside a desktop help window.
>> helpdesk
displays the start page of a comprehensive hypertext documentation and troubleshooting in the Matlab Help browser