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Nr.IssuedSubmission DatePresented onLinkAdditional Material
120.10.200927.10.200927.10.2009Conditional Independence 
220.10.200927.10.200927.10.2009d-separation I 
320.10.200927.10.200927.10.2009d-separation II 
420.10.200927.10.200927.10.2009Bayesian Networks 
530.10.200917.11.200917.11.2009Beta distribution 
630.10.200917.11.200917.11.2009Parameter Learning in Bayesian Networks 
730.10.200917.11.200917.11.2009Naive Bayes Classifier spam dataset
923.11.200915.12.200915.12.2009Inference in Factor Graphs I 
1023.11.200915.12.200915.12.2009Inference in Factor Graphs II lung cancer dataset
1123.11.200915.12.200915.12.2009Bonus example: Moral graph  
1219.1.201029.1.2010-Bagging and Boosting  
1319.1.201029.1.2010-Topic modelsMark Steyvers

Slides from Practicals

120.10.2009 Organisation, Bayesian Networks Slides (PDF)
23.11.2009 Parameter learning in Bayesian networks Slides (PDF)
324.11.2009 Factor graphs Slides (PDF)
418.1.2010 Boosting, topic models Slides (PDF)

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