This page lists all updates of this course homepage. It will be kept up-to-date during the semester.

13.03.07 The next date for the (oral) MLB exam is Wednesday May 2nd 2007.
05.03.07 The projects are evaluated and the final grades for the KU are available here.
19.02.07 The next date for the (oral) MLB exam is Tuesday March 13th 2007.
11.02.07 The final results for the KU are available here. The grades for the KU are still preliminary, because project points are not included. The grade 2* means that you have enough points for grade 1 if you submit a project report. The grades for VO exam are final.
29.01.07 The results of the exam on January 29th 2007 are online at the results page. The grades are still preliminary, because you can gain more bonus points for problem set 3.
18.01.07 A list of material that is relevant for the MLB exam is available here.
31.12.06 The results for problem set 2 are available here.
12.12.06 The written exam for MLB will take place on Monday, January 29th 2007, from 13:15-14:45.
12.12.06 The third and last problem set is available here. Submit your solutions by January 30th 2007.
04.12.06 The submission date for problem set 2 is now Monday December 18th. The KU class on December 12th is therefore cancelled.
01.12.06 The suggested topics for practical projects are now available online here.
27.11.06 There will be an additional KU class on Tuesday December 5th, where the project topics will be presented.
08.11.06 The results for tasks 1-4 from problem set 1 are available here. The results for the bonus exercise 5* will follow shortly.
07.11.06 The second problem set is available here. Submit your solutions by December 11th.
06.11.06 You can download the Reinforcement Learning Toolbox from A short tutorial is available here, and more information can be found at the Toolbox homepage.
10.10.06 The first problem set for Machine Learning B is available here. Submit your solutions by October 30th.
09.10.06 The script for the reinforcement learning theory part is available for download at the course material section.
22.09.06 Important Notice for Telematics students: Since Machine Learning A is not offered this semester, Machine Learning B can instead be attended and counts as a core course for the "Computational Intelligence" catalog.
24.08.06 This homepage is created. I hope you will make use of the services that we offer you here. If you have any suggestions or complaints concerning this homepage please send me an e-mail.