Please register for the lecture 708.075 and excercises 708.076 at TUGOnline.


Your grade for the lecture is determined by a final exam at the end of the semester.

Your grade for the exercises is determined by three components:
  1. Points for the assignments.
  2. Additional bonus points (optional) on the assignments
All points are added up and determine your grade.

Assignments and course schedule

Part of the assignments will be programming tasks (MATLAB), and the rest will be theoretical ones.

Assignments will be handed out every two weeks followed by a lecture (explanation hour) after one week. Solutions have to be handed in at the beginning of presentation hours.

In presentation hours for every exercise one student is seleceted to present his/her solution on the blackboard.

Every student has to present at least one solution on the blackboard during the semester.


You may form teams of max. two students to discuss and work together on the problems. Four rules have to be obeyed:
  1. You must name your team members on the first page of your submitted solution.
  2. Everybody must submit his/her own solution and write down everything in his/her own words.
  3. For programming examples a team may use the same code, but nevertheless everybody must write an own report.
  4. Each member of the team must be able to present the solution on the blackboard.


  1. Copying of solutions or parts of solutions will not be tolerated!
  2. The first time a copied solution is found, all involved persons receive zero points for this example. If it happens again, all involved persons will receive 5 negative points for each copied solution.
  3. Code for programming exercises may be shared within teams, as long as everybody writes an own report. Code sharing between teams is not allowed!
  4. If you are not able to present and explain your submitted solution on the blackboard, you will receive 2 negative point for this exercise.

Assignment cover

Please use for all assignments the proper assignment cover.pdf.