Assignment cover

Please use for all assignments the following cover.pdf.


Problem Sets

Nr.IssuedQuestion timePresentationLinkAdditional Material
117.10.201224.10.201231.10.2012Probability Theory I
217.10.201224.10.201231.10.2012Probability Theory II
317.10.201224.10.201231.10.2012Probability Theory III
47.11.201221.11.201228.11.2012Linear models for regression I
57.11.201221.11.201228.11.2012Linear models for regression II MATLAB code
67.11.201221.11.201228.11.2012Decision Theory
77.11.201221.11.201228.11.2012Perceptron learning rule perceptron_proof.pdf
85.12.201212.12.201216.1.2013Iterative Reweighted Least Squares
95.12.201212.12.201216.1.2013Logistic regression MATLAB code
105.12.201212.12.201216.1.2013Outer product approximationSee 5.19 in PRML (C. Bishop, 2006)
115.12.201212.12.201216.1.2013Advanced Training Methods for Neural Networks MATLAB code
1216.1.201323.1.20136.2.2013Boltzmann machines I
1316.1.201323.1.20136.2.2013Boltzmann machines II

Slides from Practicals

117.10.2012 Organization & Probability Theory Slides (PDF)
27.11.2012 Linear Models Regression & Perceptron algorithm Slides (PDF)
35.12.2012 Logistic Regression & Neural Networks Slides (PDF)
416.1.2013 Deterministic Boltzmann machines Slides (PDF)

Please post your questions concerning the problem sets to the NNA Newsgroup, or send them directly to Stefan Häusler.