Seminar Computational Intelligence C (708.113)

SS 2008

Institut für Grundlagen der Informationsverarbeitung (708)

O.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Maass

Office hours: by appointment (via e-mail)


Location: IGI-seminar room, Inffeldgasse 16b/I, 8010 Graz
Date: starting on 5th of March 2008, 16.00 p.m.

Content of the seminar:

Talks: (on Wednesday from 4.15 to 6 pm)

09.04.2008  Dejan Pecevski
"Simulations of Spiking Neural Networks with PCSIM and A Learning Theory of Reward-Modulated
Spike-Timing-Dependent Plasticity with Application to Biofeedback"
Presentation: PDF

14.05.2008  Klaus Schuch
"Motif distribution and computational performance of two data-based cortical microcircuit templates"
Presentation: PDF

Martin Ebner
"Spiking Retina and Brainstorming"
Presentation: PDF

Michael Pfeiffer
"A Bayesian Hebb rule for Reinforcement Learning"
Presentation: PDF

Lars Büsing
"Binary vs. Analog Reservoir Computing: Connectivity and Performance"
Presentation: PDF

Stefan Klampfl
"Analysis of the information contained in neural recordings of tone sequences"
Presentation: PDF

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